Jan 16, 2010

Sledding with "Pile's" family

To preface this blog: "Pile" is Allen's cousin Kyle. Kyle has been staying with us off and on for a month while the final details were getting worked out on his family's home that they were buying. They were supposed to close the beginning of December so Kyle started his new job here but they ended up not closing until Jan. The boys absolutely love Kyle. Porter calls him "Pile". WE ARE SO EXCITED THAT THEY LIVE SO CLOSE NOW!!! They have boys and we have boys! yipee! The boys have never lived close to cousins!
I took Porter to the Dr this morning so everyone else went sledding. The boys love to sled!!

Our sledding fans!
Kyle, Jessica, and their 2 little guys

Kiki loves to sled but this usually ends up happening part way through the sledding experience.

Miles always has a blast sledding! Looks like he wants to sleep with his sled!

Since I wasn't there I can only guess...but this is usually Kiki by the end of a sledding trip! I absolutely love this shot...is that bad? He is adorable, even when he is pouty...and I can't hear it, which helps!!

Jan 8, 2010

Magnify yourself...


Bradfords brave the cold...

My grandparents are from Southern California, so when we invited them to our house for Christmas...they knew they'd need to be prepared. Grandpa bought flannel lined jeans especially for the trip! heehee. We had lots of fun with them. I took Grandma on a girls trip to the Quilted Bear, a favorite for both of us! We also played lots of Old Maid. They had fun watching our craziness Christmas morning! I am sure they enjoyed the quiet and WARM weather when they got home! Thanks for coming guys! My basement smelled like "grandma" for days! (Every time my grandma sends me a package, I can smell her...she wears this day cream and it is really strong and yummy) Even as a kid I would comment on Grandma's smell....It took us awhile to figure out it was her moisturizer.

Christmas 2009

Are we ready for Christmas or what?

Porter got some "Bobo" jammies.

Miles got Superman jammies

So, sorry Quincy....I failed to get a Christmas eve picture of you in your new "webs" Spiderman jammies...maybe you wouldn't hold still?? don't really know.

The Angel Hair is out and ready for Santa. Good thing "Satan" didn't come to our house like Miles' note shows.

Our stockings are ready to lay out....ready for bed boys?? Right! Miles slept only a few hours...he was sooooo wound up!

Porter loves Bobos (monkeys), trains, and balls. So he was very excited about getting some train stuff as well as all his gifts.
Cousin Paige made him his very own Thomas the Train blanket! Soft!!

Miles got a new ball, clothes, baseball cards, etc...he is our sports fan. He also got a remote control jeep and has had fun learning to use it!

Quincy got crafts....what would Christmas be without them. He also got a vehicle for his batcave with a cage on it to hold the bad guys! Michael Jordan sweats were fun too!

The boys got new dishes from Aunt Tiffany.

Our family gift this year was a Wii. We have enjoyed bowling and playing baseball together, as well as playing Toy Story games, and driving cars in MarioKart.
We had a wonderful Christmas at home celebrating with our own little family and Grandpa and Grandma Bradford were here to celebrate with us. Thank you so much for coming to be with us for Christmas! We love you!
Thanks to everyone for all of the thoughtful gifts. I promise we will be working on thank you notes with the boys soon....before it is February!
See dad....I told you I'd get Christmas done SOON!