Mar 6, 2014

Wanting more??

Hang in there Grandpa and Grandma...
More is coming soon...

A Day in the Life of Miss E

Miss E or Sister Bear as we call her can be a handful but she is so much fun too!

Mom and E get to be super twinners sometimes!

Her FAVORITE movie that we have to see some of each day...
Despicable Me 2
It's so cute...she can talk like Lucy and says "HI" "YAH" just like her.

Being the only girl....she has some unique things about her...
If I can get video to work soon I will post video of her wrestling moves the boys have taught her.

She loves to carry a purse, but usually along with a superhero accessory...
like her Darth Vader belt!

Took her to build a bear just to look...first time in there and what does she do?  She is thrilled that there is a light saber that is her size.  She's swinging it around the store!!



But BOY is she a toddler...
This is my face after 20 minutes of screaming as we were driving!

This is Miss E refusing help down the stairs but not being able to quite reach the rail.

She never wants to get clothes on after her tubby.  Here she is talking to "Gma" on the phone.

But BOY is she a doll.  and we love her to pieces!!!

Wintertime FUN

Blogging has been so hit and miss....mostly miss.  So here is a post to catch you up on Jan/Feb at our house.

Quincy got his Bobcat!  He is SO excited to be in Scouts!!

Miles had his basketball season.  Sure fun to have dad coach!  They were one of the smallest teams out there but did very well.  Love watching him play!

Ella went through her first car wash...
yeah, she wasn't super pleased about that!

She also has LOVED playing with markers...and drawing all over herself/the walls/etc...

Porter has really grown up a lot and LOVES playing with his buddies in the neighborhood!

We LOVE playing in the snow...
until our fingers get cold from not keeping gloves on!

Science fair project for Miles
(Miles and his buddy, Isaiah, did experiments on putting Mentos in different soda pops)

Quincy made an arcade game for a school project!
(He worked sooooo hard on it!)

Porter made his 100th day of school snacks!  100 pieces of popcorn and candy!

The older boys got to go up and meet/play ball with 2 of the Utah Jazz players.
super fun!

Allen's vocal jazz group got to sing the National Anthem for a BYU game so the boys got to go and hang out with dad and watch the game!

Happy happy winter!!

Jan 2, 2014

Christmas Season 2013

Now, how do you get into the Christmas spirit?
Well, number 1, you...
That's right!  Choose Joy.  

Another way?? Make Christmas traditions.  We have some traditions that we do every year and some that we try and see if they "stick".  This year I bought these stars with names of Christ on them.  There are 12 and you read a corresponding scripture with each one.  I love this tradition and plan to do it again next year.  A great thing to do for the 12 days before Christmas to keep the focus on Christ.

Another Christmas tradition is unwrapping a children's christmas story every day the month of December.  Mental note to self:  A printed out list of who is which day will help mom and dad want to continue this tradition.
This is Ella's favorite book that we sang a bizillion times this season...

And what would the Christmas season be without a Xmas concert...

And gingerbread houses...

and LOTS of snow and cold weather...

One child, remaining nameless, seems to think that wearing baseball socks and shorts equals PANTS.

What would the season be without a holiday ELF...

our annual Xmas eve visit to Tucanos
(not sure if Miles was more excited for this or Xmas itself)

Or multiple visits from the tooth fairy???

Or a visit from a favorite cousin...

We also draw names of siblings out of a hat, and the kids purchase for each other.  We let them open them Xmas eve.  Everyone did a great job of picking a gift that would be loved by their sibling.
Miles got a football and lucky charms
Quincy got headphones
Porter got coloring gear
Ella got bottles to feed her "friends".

(in their new Xmas Jammies)

And as always, we enjoyed watching the kids open their gifts and didn't get very many pictures of that!
Ella was enthralled by it all.  Everyone was excited and grateful!


Jan 1, 2014


Oh yeah, Christmas post is coming soon...

Thanksgiving at the Matthews

We travelled up to Idaho to be with Grandpa and Grandma Matthews for Thanksgiving.

We talked them into going to Blast Off.  The kids love it.

Thanks to Allen for taking this lovely picture to show that mom really is there too.  I think I am trying to throw a ball at him for taking this picture.  

2013 has been the year of the flat tires.  We've had 4 flat tires in 4 months.  
The last of the series gave up on the way home from Thanksgiving.
Here we are all FREAKING out.

Thankfully, Ella slept through the changing to the spare!
Tender mercy for sure.

But my favorite picture of the trip?
No words are needed for this one.  Ella really took to Great Grandma Brown.  They were checking out the squirrel outside the window.

So so thankful for family!
Happy Thanksgiving!!