Jun 18, 2014

1st weeks of summer

Lego building with friends

posing for pics? yeah, that's unusual!  We'll take it!

Park/Splash pad

Walking to church with daddy on Father's Day.  We love our Daddy!

Visit from Paige!  Ella still asks where she is even after she went home!  We are so excited for her to come to UVU to school!

With cool Jessie jammies, we just wanna stay in them all day!
(look at that face...trying to get shoes on so mom will know I do not want to take the jammies off)

Paige brought the kids Disney gifts.  She is so thoughtful!  She had no idea that Mulan is Ella's favorite movie...guess what she brought her?  a Mulan doll!  So lucky!!

 Happy Summer!
*I hope I survive!

Where is Ella?

Where is Ella?
We can't find her...

Well if you can find her "wii wii" you most likely will find her with it!

*mental note to grandparents: If you lose this item, you will be in big trouble!

or she is finding Easter eggs still.  This is out of the ice maker!

or she is hogging the bed.  and not allowing anyone to get within 5 feet of mom....her mom....her spot....
you get the idea...

or playing games like peek a boo...or singing songs like Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Or singing at music time at the library!

Or drawing all over....something...
oh wait, this is me!  but it could totally be Ella.  She is very capable of something like this...
so proud?? ha!

Baseball madness

Baseball madness...
3 boys playing ball this summer...

First, our Porter FINALLY gets to play Tball.  He was so excited!
Look at that cute BlueJay!

You gotta love when you look at your son's bat and there are crater dents in it.  SO, he gets a "birthday" present a month early!

We travel Utah County so we get to see some places, and eat at some places that we don't normally go to.  

We finally got a photo of Porter in front 

Swig Cookies!!

Our Quincy has loved playing this year too.  He is an awesome catcher!  He would rather play there than any other position.  You have to be a little crazy to be a catcher.  Yeah, I think Q will excel there.

Ella is definitely not hurting going to all of the games...

she has very nice moms let her play with their "toys"

and their daughters!

Yeah, sometimes it is tiring business!!!

Sometimes even the older brothers get distracted...
ice wars!

Miles' team is so much fun.  Great coaches, kids, and moms!!!
Love this group!  They won the league championship for a 2nd year in a row!

 Oh yeah, and then we signed Miles up for BYU golf camp for his birthday present...
oh dear, we have a new passion!

Ella Turns 2

How can my baby be turning 2??
Ella is so much fun.  We love her so much.  She is starting to get teased more by the boys and that is interesting.  They have taught her how to wrestle, toot with her hands...yikes!  You can tell she has brothers.  
She definitely rules the house!
I see bits and pieces of the boys in her and it's fun to watch her grow. 
She is quite the chatterbox, unless we are out of the house and then people wonder if she talks.
She has made many friends at the ball park and wants her hair to look like Tay Tay's. (Taylor)

The boys were there ready to assist!!

Her own broom!  She loves to sweep!
She also got 60 second dry nail polish...she is girlie in that she loves polish!
Also some new clothes.  and food for the kitchen.  and a wonder woman shirt!

She got her first baby doll.  This is how she "prepped" her for a stroller ride.  well, we tried! :)

She loved the candles!  and the Rice Krispy Treats!

 Happy happy day to our Sister Bear!  We love you!

Jun 17, 2014

Ella's 2 Year Pics

Nickname: Sister Bear, Miss E
Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese
Favorite Movies: Despicable Me, Frozen, Mulan

Easter plus end of year Excitement!

My Easter kiddos

Pinewood Derby and other Scouting fun

 Miles won the Slow Turtle award at the Pinewood Derby (on purpose).  The car barely crossed the finish line.  We laughed so hard!

What cuties!

Spring Break Kiddos...

Concert fun

Hershey Track Meet.  Miles won his first heat!  Love the determined face!

One fun thing about Allen now teaching at the Spanish Fork Jr Seminary is that we can go support some of his students.  Here we are at a baseball game...something we hardly ever do. Ha!

End of School Programs!

Miles won't smile for me.  I told him I was going to go home and put my robe on and come back!  That got this cute smile!