Aug 19, 2007

From the Mouth of Miles.....

Through out the summer Miles has been certain to share his point of view with some interesting phrases....while driving to California he let us know that "this is taking so-ever" and when we corrected him with 4-ever he said "5-ever, whatever it's taking so-ever".

While praying one evening he mentioned in his prayer the following: "Please bless mom and dad to know what to do with me."

As many of you are aware James E. Faust passed away last week and as we were watching the news I started to explain that President Faust (like Miles' fish-Cody) had died. He promptly asked, "Are they going flush President Faust down the toilet?" After laughing "so-ever" I took a moment or two to teach some precious truths.
One day Miles was looking at a photograph of Tara when she was pregnant with Miles. He asked about how he "got in there?" After some deep pondering Miles asked, "Mom, did you swallow me?"

Aug 16, 2007

Oh Where, Has The Summer Gone?

This summer has been most enjoyable. We've been to Wyoming, Idaho, and California. We've driven through parts of Montana, Nevada, and Arizona. Many good times and even better company. Here's a brief overview of our summer........
Allen: taught at two Especially For Youth programs (Rexburg, and Provo), played some golf, ran a 5k, studied the Old Testament/co-directed the UVSC Institute of Religion Summer Choir, and sang each Saturday night at Wallabys Smokehouse.
Tara: took great care of her boys, read Harry Potter, kept up with scrapbooks, tended the garden, and is going to attend BYU Education week this week.
Miles: turned 4, got a new big boy bike, is a wiz at puzzles, rode his first horse, shook hands with Snoopy, and Schroder (@ Knott's Berry Farm) and is quite the social butterfly---he always wants to be with his friends!
Quincy: Has mastered the word "me", wants to always wear shoes, and is quite the fish.....he has learned to hold his breath and stay under the water for seconds longer than mom and dad think are appropriate and safe.
Tomorrow is Monday (Ready or Not) school begins. Well mysuperfam has had some great moments and as you can see Miles and Quincy have become even more obsessed with the mighty game of BASKETBALL!

mysuperfam--"a new frontier"

A number of friends have persuaded us to use a blog as a means to better stay connected. So here comes our attempt to weekly (not weakly) give all interested (or exceedingly board) individuals a glimpse into our wild and crazy adventures that we call life. So here's the scoop a "new frontier" for mysuperfam......