Dec 16, 2008

Our weekend in review!

First of all, Porter is trying to learn that he cannot bite us or rip the glasses off our faces.  When we use a stern voice with him, this is what we get...
yeah....we finally got our first real snow storm of the year.  Allen found Miles his very own kid size snow shovel.  Our worker bee Miles was in heaven.  He didn't want to come in.  When I insisted he come in to warm up he said, "I just want to finish Bethany's driveway"
 (our neighbor)!
I didn't get any shots of Quincy playing outside, but I got one of him after he came in to warm up.  His hands were freezing, so I wrapped him up like a burrito.  This is his "my hands are freezing" look. Pretty cold!
Quincy also complained of a tummy ache.  So when I explained to him that a bandaid only helps stratches etc....and wouldn't help a hurting tummy...of course he still wanted the bandaid to help it feel better.  Silly mom left out the package of bandaids and soon his tummy was covered.

Dec 12, 2008

Look alike contest anyone?

Does anyone know of a look alike contest coming up?  I think I know a dad and son that should enter!!!

I was worried about Porter and the tree this year, but so far, he has done very well.  Here he is holding an ornament and playing with it....hope the whole season goes as well! He looks so big!  Sniff sniff!

Dec 6, 2008

Spider Jordan?

Ever heard of him???

Temple Square Concert

Every year the Orem Institute Choirs perform in the Joseph Smith Memorial building and in the Assembly Hall.  We drove up this year to listen and see the beautiful lights on Temple Square.  

The venue is just gorgeous.  The choir stands on the Mezz level and the people walking around below can hear the music as they walk by or they can sit on the couches and listen.  Allen just did an arrangement of "For the Beauty of the Earth" and the choir performed it. It's amazing.  I love it every time I hear it. It's really powerful!  He should really submit it to MoTab.  It sounds like something they would perform.  We are so proud of you hubby!
I can never resist these shots.  Dad and son hand in hand.  Ahhhhh!

Lord Licorice

Porter loves licorice!  How do we know...I mean, he is only 9 in the world did he get it?  I had a tub of it in the bottom of the pantry....and Porter found it.  After that, whenever the pantry door was left open, he would hurry to it and dig in....I had to let him do it a couple of more times so I could video it.

Happy Porter with his find...
Sad Porter when mom took it away!
Here he is in action....