Nov 17, 2009

Pirate Island

Quincy had to wait ALL day long to open presents.  When dad got home in the afternoon, he got to open presents!
Dad made a HUGE card. (with Cheetos and Skittles attached, of course)

He wanted a firestation lego set, so all of the grandparents chipped in to buy it for him.  He got collage paper/colored pencils/coloring books and Book of Mormon Hero action figures from mom and dad.  He got an awesome Joker van from Aunt Brenda and family. He got 4 dollars from his cousin Drevan.  He was shaking with excitement as he opened.  So fun!
Batman Cake!  yummy!

He wanted to go to Pirate Island for dinner and playing!  It's a really fun place.  Dinner, arcade kind of games, pirates, oh my!  
Porter stayed entertained as long as he was on the Choo Choo train, or stealing balls from the basketball game.  Miles played basketball almost the whole time.  Quincy loved the Batman game the best.  Mom liked air hockey and shooting the targets the best.  It was super fun.  Our waitress even talked to us in pirate language.  They had a balloon guy making swords for the kids, and there is even a play land with slides and such.  
Happy Birthday Quincy!

Quincy Bradford

My baby boy, Kiki turned 4 yesterday.  One of my favorite things about the boys' birthdays is going through all of the old photo files and remembering.  I can't believe it's been 4 years since Q was born.  He was by FAR my easiest baby but boy has he made up for that!  He is such a joy or terror depending on the moment.  I have been putting 2009 into our family book and I decided to do a page for each of the boys with just 4 words that describe each of them.  Quincy's are
That's him for sure.  What a smile!  He can tackle kids or adults to the ground.  He is a tender hearted little guy.  and he loves to collect.  He would sleep with 50 toys around his head if I'd let him.  He cuts and glues into his collage book all the time and carries it around.  He sometimes puts on a back pack and carries around his prized possessions.  He is so much fun. 


Nov 2, 2009

The "Force" was with us: Halloween 2009

The boys had such fun for Halloween!  We had a Star Wars theme going on this year at our house.  
Here they are...

Miles as Obi Wan
(Thanks to Aunt Brenda for making the robe!)
Quincy as Darth Vader. 
Porter as R2-D2....
isn't he cute?
Here's our 2 scary bad guys....Darth and our porch scary man that talked to our trick or treaters.  BOOOOO!
We had LOTS of Star Wars friends....
Porter's buddy from across the street was Yoda.  Cute little guys!

I think I am going to make these a yearly tradition.  We love Oreo truffles at our house, but i've never thought of making them into bloody eyeballs.  Thanks Allen for the wonderful idea for the faculty party.  Fun fun.  We also made mummy dogs for dinner with pear spiders!