Jan 28, 2011

Quincy breaking the board

For Christmas, Quincy got 2 lessons at 2 different Karate schools here in town. We kind of wanted to check out the different programs and see if there was a good fit. Quincy had a great time. He got to participate in 2 class sessions and 2 private lessons. He loved it and learned lots too...things like cooperating and respect! Hopefully in the fall, Quincy will start lessons on a regular basis. Here he is in action breaking a board:
We love you, Karate Kid, Quincy!

Jan 16, 2011

Getting creative with wintertime...

Oh what do you do in the wintertime...when you can't go outside and play???
Well sometimes you go outside anyway and make awesome snowmen...
Sometimes you get really creative with cardboard (our favorite "toy" at our house)
This is Cocoa, the boys pet puppy!!
Jumpin Jacks! Mental Note: do not let the boys all go down together next time...it's quite the head knocker!
Baking baking baking fun! Porter loves to help in the kitchen!
Oh, springtime, where are you???

California Christmas 2010

Where were we for Christmas? Sunny, well, rainy California!
Look at those boys holding to the iron rod....they thought of this all by themselves!
You can tell they are not sure about this "pretend" Santa! LOL
Sorry family....I didn't get my camera out much this trip. Must have been that flu bug that I had for most of the week!
Here's Porter with his tractor! Yeah for Tractors!
Good thing Matthews got traded this past year....we got all the merchandise at half off!
This T shirt has Matthews written across the back. Daddy got one too!
Yeah....Quincy will now wear a shirt that isn't white! In case you are not aware, Quincy is our karate boy and thinks that karate guys only wear white. But mom found this Bruce lee shirt and he will wear this!
We got to see so many family members...it was awesome!
Here is Miles with my brother, Uncle Jameson. I often call Miles "J". Kind of looks like my brother did when he was little. Wish we lived closer to him so we could hang out with him more.
Grandpa Paul and Grandma Billie had a "bare" tree when we arrived, so Miles promptly started making ornaments for the tree. The boys did an awesome job. It of course had to include a Go Jazz and BOO Lakers for Grandpa Hansen....Ha!
Merry Christmas!! We had a "super" one!