Sep 30, 2008

Annual Bridal Veil Falls trip

We love to go to Bridal Veil Falls.  The boys love throwing rocks in the river, getting wet and eating a picnic dinner.  Every year we do a trip to see the beautiful changing colors of the leaves and make a family home evening out of it.  See how much fun we have!!

Here are my superboys!


Sep 27, 2008

Sittin' pretty is lots of fun....


Since he can now sit up pretty well, Porter is loving his bath time.  He grabs all of the toys and chews on them.  He splashes and doesn't mind me pouring water over his head either.  What a cute portly little guy!  
It's hard to tell, but in the first picture his hair is crusty and sticking strait up.  That is because he loves to eat food out of this little mesh thing.  I don't know what they are called but they look like a little mesh bag with a handle, and you put fruit or whatever in it and lock it and then the baby can suck on it without choking on pieces.  Porter LOVES it and gets soooo sticky. I try not to think about it during mealtime....which is hard since he wants multiple servings in it! 

Sep 23, 2008

Porter's 6 month photo session

What a cute baby!  Had to get some diaper shots show off some rolls!  
We love you Porter!

Man, someone give that baby a Braby....a bra for babies?? 

Miles' Kindergarten Portrait session

Can't believe Miles is in kindergarten.  What a big boy!  He loves it and especially loves riding the bus.  I love to watch him get off the bus and run home.  The first silly face is totally him...I love it!  It used to bug me when I wouldn't get a perfect smile when I went to the studio but these kind of shots are the ones I will remember.  So fun! I love you buddy boy!  

Sep 13, 2008

A Unique Music Experience

As many of you are aware, Allen had the opportunity to direct the UVU/Orem Institute Choir last Sunday, at the BYU Marriott Center for a CES fireside.  Elder Holland gave an amazing talk on Lessons Learned from Liberty Jail.  There were close to 450 students that sang.  If you are interested, in watching the broadcast or just part of the choirs performance you can click here and it will take you there.  If you just want to see the choir perform, with Allen directing you can fast forward to about 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the broadcast. 

Sep 11, 2008

Wait...I am not ready!!

My baby is almost crawling....I forgot how much harder it is to have them mobile.  
So the other day, Porter had on a new outfit and looked so cute so I quickly grabbed a white sheet out of the closet and set it out against the couch to try and get a picture of him.  The only problem....he isn't staying put! cute, Porter!

Wait....Porter stay where you're only 6 months

I get him off the sheet to fix the wrinkles....AND
all of a sudden I look over and he is trying to suffocate himself!!
(I promise the sheet smoothing only took 10 seconds)
Then, Quincy is done waiting for his, he can be cute!
(he needs to be)
Then, Miles wants a turn...but behind the camera instead.  He took
this pic of me and KiKi.  Good thing mom didn't get dressed and ready 
for the day...yikes!
Craziness at our house is pretty regular, but I think it's about to get even more crazy with Porter on the move...and I need to start babyproofing the house a little better.....obviously!  Come on mom, plastic bags on the floor!