Sep 11, 2008

Wait...I am not ready!!

My baby is almost crawling....I forgot how much harder it is to have them mobile.  
So the other day, Porter had on a new outfit and looked so cute so I quickly grabbed a white sheet out of the closet and set it out against the couch to try and get a picture of him.  The only problem....he isn't staying put! cute, Porter!

Wait....Porter stay where you're only 6 months

I get him off the sheet to fix the wrinkles....AND
all of a sudden I look over and he is trying to suffocate himself!!
(I promise the sheet smoothing only took 10 seconds)
Then, Quincy is done waiting for his, he can be cute!
(he needs to be)
Then, Miles wants a turn...but behind the camera instead.  He took
this pic of me and KiKi.  Good thing mom didn't get dressed and ready 
for the day...yikes!
Craziness at our house is pretty regular, but I think it's about to get even more crazy with Porter on the move...and I need to start babyproofing the house a little better.....obviously!  Come on mom, plastic bags on the floor! 


Carrie said...

You think that's bad...when Emma picks food up off the kitchen floor, I have to decide how old it is before I either grab it away from her or let her eat it!

Nancy said...

Has he fallen down the stairs, yet

Happy Birthday, Tara!!! How does it feel to be another decade? I'm guessing the same as it felt yesterday? Welcome to middle agedness.