Oct 26, 2008

Miles' Robot!

Miles is my crafty child...yeah I know crafty probably isn't a word...but it perfectly describes Miles.  He has his own craft files where there is paper, envelopes, scissors, glue, TAPE, rubberbands, spiral notebooks,etc...
In the afternoons, Quincy is ready to watch a movie, but Miles usually works on some sort of project.  Today during Fantasia (one of the movies allowed on Sundays) Miles made this robot...
totally awesome Miles!  What a clever boy you are! 

Porter's FAVORITE place to be

Porter is crawling for real now.....and there is no place he would rather be than standing against the tile step.  It really freaks out Allen and I....we just know he is going to headplant on the tile.  It's pretty slippery and he can't quite get up the steps...so he just stands or kneels there and whines when he is ready for someone to get him.  What a cute little guy!  
Miles loves getting behind the camera....he took this one of us today!
Too bad Miles couldn't make PT smile during our family photo shoot...(Miles was in the 
picture so Porter couldn't be looking at him)
Porter absolutely adores Miles...you can almost see it in his face!

Oct 22, 2008

How much has changed in a year?

Thought this would be fun....

Our family 2007
Our family 2008
The brothers 2007
The brothers 2008
The buddha bellies 2007
The buddha bellies 2008
The boys 2007
The boys 2008

So much changes in a year's time!  Enjoy every moment!!!

Matthews Family 2008

Here are some pictures of our family from our portrait session last week.  Porter is starting to be at the age where he won't smile for people he doesn't know....so he gave crusty looks at the girl the whole time, plus he was exhausted and fighting a cold.  oh well....I always try to get our family pictures taken in October so I can use one of the shots for our Christmas card. (will show the Christmas card later!!!)
I told Allen that our shots look rather....full.  I guess 3 little boys plus us really fill up the frames.  We love our family and are so thankful for each other and our 3 wonderful and energetic boys!  

Had to get the annual buddha belly shot in!
 Porter had a onesie on...too bad. 
Next year PT!

Oct 21, 2008

Pickin' Pumpkins

It's pumpkin pickin' time!!  We went to pick our pumpkins last night for our FHE activity.  Usually I just buy them at the grocery store but we thought the boys would get a kick out of running through the patch.  There were so many options....that was a little overwelming.  But once we helped Quincy pick everyone was a lot happier.  He wanted to carry it...until he knew how heavy it was.  There was even a maze for the kids to run through.  Fun, fun!  Now the boys are just counting down the days till we can carve them!  (As if Miles isn't already counting down to Halloween)  Our house is in for a real superhero treat!!

Oct 17, 2008

Cheetos Crawler

It's a joke at our house that our kids first crawl for Cheetos.  For Miles, it really happened that way.  His first time crawling was for a bag of Cheetos lying across the room.  We've kind of faked it for the next 2 boys, since they were off and crawling without a Cheetos bag in sight...but they do crawl a bit faster once they see the bag!!!  

Oct 9, 2008

From Jordan to Buzz

Most kids get attached to binkies, blankets, a stuffed animal, etc...
Not our Quincy.  

Last year his OBSESSION was Michael Jordan.  He would carry around the VHS tapes we have and watch them everyday.  He would wear a "jordan" jersey everyday too.  Don't get me wrong...he still loves Michael Jordan and basketball.  He still loves to wear jersies, but at least now he doesn't have to carry around the videos....yikes!  
I think he is probably the only 2 year old that knows the number 23 and that it is Michael Jordan's number and that he wears red and plays for Chicago.  (all that is in present tense...he thinks he still plays!)

Now, Quincy has a new OBSESSION.  Buzz Lightyear (originally Miles' figure) is the new craze!  
He carries Buzz around, sleeps with him, and carries him in his backpack to the bus stop.  
At our house, when the boys are really quiet and we don't know where they are.....we worry about what Quincy is doing!  We now have a way to find him instantly.  This video isn't perfect...he was actually really good about it....usually he is screaming!  
The spaceship he is talking about in the video is a Buzz Lightyear spaceship that is usually carried around too!

Oct 6, 2008

Drevan's Birthday Trip

Cousins are so much fun.  Miles talked non-stop all week about going up to Idaho Falls for Drevan's birthday.  Look how much fun they had at Blast Off!

On the ride home, everyone was having a hard trip so we stopped at Hill Air Force Base to visit the museum.  The boys loved it! They really liked the plane that had the "shark teeth" the best! 
It was a much needed break and the boys were fabulous the rest of the way home!