May 2, 2013

My #1

I realize this blog is mostly for grandparents.  and boy do they let me know when I haven't updated it in awhile :)  They want to see the grandkids.
BUT, as much time as it takes to be a mommy, I am a wife first.  Sometimes it's hard to remember that, but Allen is my #1.

It all started here....well, long before here, but this is what I have photo-wise...

Grandpa and Grandma Brown
(looking FANTASTIC)
had a little girl...

who grew up and married Tom

and they had a baby boy...

(this is Allen, by the way!)

I am so lucky to have this man in my life...
I just realized I didn't scan any early engagement era pics.  Now that is too bad!
Maybe for our anniversary in a couple of weeks!

This man does so much for our family.

First, he teaches our family about the Priesthood.  He shows our sons what it means to be worthy to have the power of God with our family in our home.  So so thankful for this.

(Allen and Porter--blessing day)

(Allen and Miles--baptism day)

Second, I am so thankful that music is a big part of his life.  There are so many kinds of great music, that can uplift and inspire us.  He is teaching our family this.

(Allen on the side of a!)

(directing Institute Choir in the Conference Center for General Conference)

(He subs at the MTC directing the choir.  So fun to see former students as missionaries)

(Allen with Ben Folds)

3rd....(these are not really in any order)
He is such a wonderful daddy, and he loves our babies!

(Dancing with Ella at EFY...she is 7 weeks old)

(with Q...he was 6 weeks old)

(Porter at 18 months...ish)

And as the kiddos get bigger...he is GREAT at reminding me to have FUN

because this is me a lot of the time...

I don't mean to be gets in the way of fun too easily for me...
look how much better I am when my hubby is there for me...

(When a new baby comes along...hikes are key!)

(Can you tell they love their daddy?)


 (We take trips!  And have fun as a family!)

 Did I mention he was fun to play with?

(And helps us make wonderful memories!  Miles will never forget this trip to see the Rockies play...just Dad took him and he got 3 foul balls in 2 games!)

(He's willing to put a scarf on and go along with our Halloween themes...)

But most importantly, he is a wonderful teacher.  
He reminds us what it takes to be a forever family.  We have to hold to the Rod, together.

And get to the temple!
(Payson Temple site, 2012)

 Happy (late) Birthday to my wonderful hubby.  I love you more now than all those years ago when we were young...haha! I am still not sick of you.  You work so hard for our family.  So grateful.  Everyday.
Thank you...for being you.

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Aly said...

What a great tribute to Allen!