Nov 19, 2012


We see a pattern in our about 6 months each of our kiddos has a "look"!  and it usually disappears at about a year.  I had to search for the photos of each of the kids with their look.  What made me think of it was that Ella's "look" just arrived.  It's so funny and the boys love it!

this is Ella's "look".  In the pic it looks like she is upset but she isn't.  She scrunches up her nose and breaths really heavy through her nose.  So so cute!  We are lovin it.

Here is Miles' look:
His look was a glare kind of look.  Like in this photo, he is not happy about having his picture taken.  There was a sound that went with it....uuuuuuuuuu under his breath! the chin also had to be tucked to his chest!

Here is Quincy's look:
It was a scrunchy nose action like Ella's.  He would use it to show us when he was proud and happy about something.

Here is Porter's look:
His was also a proud affirmation and a sound went with it.  I think with this shot I asked him if he wanted the ball.  ooooooooooo!! :)

Thanks Ella for reminding me how fun the baby stage is!

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