Aug 18, 2013

Matthews Family Reunion: Auburn CA

Wow!  Reunion Trip to CA?  All Right!!
We are ready to go!  And Aunt Lyn made an awesome scavenger hunt game to help us pass the time driving!  Here are our "crazy" hats!

Who's ready for a wild good time?

Well, here is flat #1 (that there even is a number associated with that statement is bad right?)
about 100 to get to Reno on a spare tire....
that was a slow 100 miles!

We turned Ella around so she could see the TV!  Happy girl! (for a moment anyway!)

FREEZE OUT!  (They are growing on Ella...I think this is her first one ever!)

We stopped in Reno at Circus Circus!  The boys were sure surprised!  We told them the hotel we were staying at didn't have a pool and they were bummed...till they saw the game room!

Dad took the tram to our room and we "ran" to beat him....
but we had to look like we had been waiting forever!!

 Happy Ella!  We got to do LOTS of arcade/game experiences!
Mom and Dad want a major break from them!

Yikes, we were so bad about pics this year.  No group shots and lots of blurry ones.  Must have been having lots of fun!

Dancing with cousins!

Favorite picture of the trip!
Ella didn't want to say good bye to Uncle Tom.

 Ride home:
2nd flat tire!  (No picture this time)
It was a long trip home!

Thanks to Uncle Tom for hosting!
We love you all!

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