Jan 23, 2013

Ella is 8 months old

We love our baby girl Ella!  Ella is so much fun.  She is growing up so fast...she isn't crawling yet, but loves to "dance" to music.  She has no teeth either, but that doesn't stop her from eating everything we will give her....mac and cheese, pears, peaches, crackers, etc...
Ella's hair is growing in and she is a very happy baby.  The only things we really notice her not liking are the vacuum, cameras, and when mom leaves the room...yeah, that stage.  She loves her brothers and she can bounce really high in her bouncer chair!  

She LOVES tubby time

Her new favorite bath toy...Calamari anyone?

View of my cutie in bed

Love her in red

Making messes....wahoo!

Porter loves to play with Ella.  Here are my 2 kiddos from Brooklyn.
Love Ella's Captain America shirt!  Thanks Auntie Brenda!

Happy Eater!

I accidently cut her finger with nail clippers....she ate a few bandaids that day!

and YES she loves ice cream!

 and eating her cute shoes.....Ella, adorable shoes are made to be WORN!!

We love our sweet Ella.  Stop growing so fast.  Mommy can't stand it, but loves it all the same.

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Tiffany Robinson said...

I love her in a hat!! It's fun to see that this little girl is dressed in blues and reds NOT PINK!! I love your green shield idea I need to do that but maybe in PINK! HA! Your blog is amazing, I am so happy that you keep it updated :)