Nov 6, 2014

Baseball Halloween 2014

Who's ready for Halloween (to be over)?

No offense boys, but Ella stole the show on the baseball theme!  



Grandpa and Grandma Matthews surprised Porter for his Grandparent program at school!  What awesome Grandparents!!

After 4 1/2 years of carrying around these keys, I was released from being Primary President in our ward.  I miss those kiddos already.  I guess it was time though.

Allen snuck in this shot as I walked out our last day.

Kiddos before the Primary program

Fall break trip to Swig.  Yummy!

 It really is fall.  Love the leaves and my Future Batgirl!

Pumpkin patch trip!

 Happy Fall!

Quincy happenings

When this kid says that baseball is his life...
he means it!

He had a tourney in Logan.  Ate dinner in a pretty great location!

This kid scares pitchers by crowding the plate.  He has no fear.  He will capitalize on errors like none other.  I've seen him get a triple on a walk.  He is super fun to watch.

He also does NOT like his picture taken.  This is his after the in the park home run pic!

Love this baseball kiddo

Multi-tasking?? Donut and batting??

 and his eye roll is coming along nicely as well...too well.  Have to put a stop to it sometimes.
Sassy kid!

Miles happenings

Miles is on Student Council with a great group of kids.
6 of them are in our ward. 

 He couldn't see the board at school!  Finally, this kid gets to be Clark Kent with mom and dad!

Baseball team took a hiatus for the fall so kids could do other things.  Miles LOVED playing flag football this fall.  His team went 12-0 and they won the championship!  Miles had 2 interceptions in the last 2 games that really helped them.  He is a beast. (Miles wrote that adjective)

Ella loves her brother!

Miles and Dad are loving the Jap Cheetos.  Miles owed dad a bag!  Sent him this txt picture!

Ella's pictures

Ella gets a lot more pics taken of her because it's just me and her during the day now...
She is a crack up!

"Let's get down to business" Mulan pose

School Starts!

Can't believe how big my kiddos are getting!!!
Couldn't wait for school to start and now we miss them, don't we Ella?

Matthews Reunion 2014

We had a great time with everyone coming to our house for the reunion.  We were home from our trip for a few days when everyone arrived.  We swam and did lots of eating and playing together!

The girls

What a good grandma!

Tiff and Britin

Jeff and Family

Lyn and Family

The grandkids!!!

The older girls!

The guys...the phone shows a pic of Uncle Tom!  We missed him!